Are you planning for going vegan?

Are you planning for going vegan?

Are you planning or thinking for going vegan is good for your health, Yes that’s true, Veganism is a good idea for health but wait !! It’s good if you do it properly.

Veganism is the healthy lifestyles if done properly, It is also one of the unhealthiest diets if not done properly, which is often the case. If you are planning for going vegan, you should have to be an open-minded, and ready to accept some changes to your lifestyle.

There are three questions that you need to ask before going vegan :

  • Do you want to eat food without feeling guilty?                         going vegan
  • Do you really care about the environment to decrease your carbon footprint?
  • Do you truly love animals?

Because if the answers to these questions are yes. Going vegan is an excellent choice for you.

Of course, you will do a lot of research into the types of food that which vegetables are best for your nutrition. Essentially everything you would have to do to have a ‘healthy’ regular diet. Without eating fat from meat and dairy, you can eat endless amounts of starch (carbohydrates) without gaining weight. You will feel more energized and lighter.

There are basically two types of vegetarian diet one is Lacto-ovo and the other is Strict(vegan). There are lots of vegetarians who follow the Lacto-ovo type, That means they eat non-animal products (fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, etc), but do eat animal byproducts, like yogurt and eggs. In terms of nutritional requirements, being a Lacto-Ovo vegan isn’t all that different from being a non-vegan or meat-eater.

“You must be very careful in the selection of food so that you’ll get all the nutrients.”

I am also passionate about health and nutrition. I want to spread awareness around how to achieve this and That is what this blog does. I hope this information is useful for you and it helps you to think better. If you have any query or suggestions please comment.

Let’s Build Wellness Together.

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3 thoughts on “Are you planning for going vegan?

  • January 28, 2019 at 9:46 am

    I do like the way you have framed this specific situation and it does indeed present me some fodder for thought. However, through what I have experienced, I simply wish as the actual feedback pile on that people today stay on issue and in no way start on a tirade of some other news du jour. Yet, thank you for this fantastic point and whilst I can not really concur with this in totality, I value the perspective.

  • June 27, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    Oh man What might I say? Really… really loved the contentThank you so much!


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